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Lena Chapman MA LPC
Owner and Visionary

My passion is to uncover the misunderstood topic of Mental Health. Through counseling and public speaking, I reveal God’s love and compassion for the hurting and healing. My purpose in Life is to educate the world about Mental Health. My assignment on earth is to partner with the Body of Christ by letting God use me to help heal the hurting.

My devotion is building on people's strength and providing a safe place for release, hope, change, and well-being.

Lena Chapman MA, LPC

Elder Kristy Snelson, BSN LPC

Kristy Snelson is a graduate of Lindenwood University. She holds degrees in both nursing and professional counseling. With the knowledge in of the body and soul she is an ordained Elder at Agape Time Ministries International. 

Kristy is a focus in the Kingdom of God with her knowledge of the Word of God, Physical Body and Healing of the Soul. 

Kristy supports women who are shifting into their Kingdom assignment, women who are navigating hurt and trauma  and couples that have issues with communication. 

Elder Kristy Snelson, BSN, LPC
Shereese Bell MA, LPC

Shereese Bell MA, LPC
Certified Psychological 

Shereese Bell is a graduate of Lindenwood University/ Her faith in God and love for and passion for children is unmatched. She is a certified School Psychological Examiner. She supports teen girls with self-esteem and finding their voice.


Shereese also has a gift with working with women that have suffer emotional, verbal and physical abuse. Her passion for children and women is unmatched

LaMetria Johnson MA CIT

LaMetria Johnson is not only a Counselor but she is a Licensed Minister of the Gospel.


LaMetria's passion to support children and teens with life struggles is unmatched. She gives children a voice and supports their social emotional needs. 

LaMetria Johnson, MA, CIT
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