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Providing Mental Health Services Across the Globe

Haven of Light School of Mental Health


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Founded in 2021, Haven of Light School of Mental Health has tremendously impacted the country by providing mental health services to underserved organizations and communities across the United States. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.


Children and Teen Empowerment Programs

We offer Self-Esteem, Social Emotional Development and Mental Health Health Services for Teens. Our programs include:

  • Operation All Hands In

  • Confident Camp for Boys

  • The Reset Challenge for Girls Conference

  • Therapy for All

(Partnerships include: New Sunny Mount MB Church, Barak Church, Pine Bluff (Arkansas) Middle School, Local Community, Riverview Gardens, River Roads Lutheran School and many more)


Senior Citizen Social Groups​

 Our Program "The Talk" is an social emotional enrichment program for Senior Citizen Communities. We provide a safe space for Social connection and an outlet for emotional support. 

We partner with Kingsland Walk Senior Living Community.

Grief Advocate Training 

The Grief Advocate Training is funded through the SAMHSA/ MHB grant. We provide grief training for faith-based/community organizations in high crime neighborhoods in the Saint Louis City Region. 

Summer 2023

Church Partnership Program

"The Lighthouse"

The Lighthouse program supports churches across the United States with Mental Health Trainings and Certifications. Our trainings are facilitated by Professional Counselors. Our mission is to support churches with Mental Health resources in order to support the surrounding communities in crisis. 

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